Victrola Modern 50-watt Record Player Review

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Victrola Modern 50-watt Record Player Review 

There is nothing like the pop and hiss of a vinyl record. It brings back feelings of a simpler time when you waited months for the new record to drop, only to spend hours letting the needle ride the grooves over and over. 

There is something magical about vinyl, and for most audiophiles, the resurrection of this musical medium is a godsend. But if you’re not someone who anxiously waited for it to make a comeback and are someone new to this wonderful world, we know you may be at a loss for where to start. 

That’s okay; we love vinyl so much we know exactly where to start. You have to choose the right record player. Sounds simple, but along with the growing popularity, newer models have hit the market. 

One of these is the Victrola Modern 50-watt record player. If you’re unsure if you should spend your hard-earned money on this model, let us take an in-depth look and give you our knowledgeable take on this unit. 

There are many different designs out there to choose from, and some are more vintage than others. For this Victrola model, it is more of a modern aesthetic that is pretty appealing. The glossy finish suits whatever color you choose. This gloss will for sure draw people’s attention to your new system. 

Like many modern record players, it is capable of playing streaming music via a Bluetooth connection. It is a simple player that comes with two 50-watt speakers and the ability to play three speeds of vinyl. 

It is a perfect addition to any sound system and can easily connect with multiple different models. This is thanks to the designers including an RCA output jack. 

Who Is This Product For? 

If you’re looking for a portable record player, then this model is not for you. We do think that it is a little too heavy and cumbersome to be carrying around. 

But if you are looking for an easy-to-use record player to start using that vinyl collection, this is a great option. If you have any knowledge about record players, you know that Victrola is one of the most respected brands in the world. 

This is not enough for us to say it is a stellar audiophile offering, but for the novices out there, it certainly is a good investment. It is also an excellent gift for the kid in your life you are trying to introduce to the unique and texturized sound of vinyl. 

What’s Included? 

When you purchase this turntable, you will receive the following items in the box: 

  • Turntable 
  • 2 50-watt speakers 
  • Manual 

Overview of Features 

  • DC motor 
  • 3-speed 
  • Bluetooth compatible 
  • 50-watt built-in speakers 
  • Ceramic cartridge 
  • Glossy piano finish 
  • RCA & Headphone jack out 
  • Dimensions – 9” x 27” x 12.5” 
  • Weight – 10.2 lbs. 
Victrola Modern

For a nostalgic reason, we think everyone should own one Victrola in their life. If you are someone who likes a modern aesthetic, then this could be the right one. It is designed with a pretty sick high gloss finish and a classic layout. The two side speakers take you back to the good old days, as we have said above. 

But when you dive into the record player and its features, you soon see why we think it is a good investment. If you are a novice audiophile, this record player will give you good enough audio quality to wet your appetite. Plus, it won’t break the bank either, and this, for most vinyl lovers, makes it an excellent place to start before you graduate to a more serious player. 

Though we do think it offers a lot, there are some things that any respectable audiophile would take fault with. The biggest of these is the poor sound quality at low levels. This was clearly designed to rock out with because at low levels, the sound becomes muddy. 

How to Get the Most Out of It 

Like with everything, the best way to get the most from this turntable is to understand its features and how to use them. The best way to do that is to dive into the manual or check this video out


  • No matter the quality of the vinyl, the player plays it clearly 
  • Design is super cool and nice to look at – fits in any room 
  • Outfitted with an automatic stop function 
  • Bluetooth connectivity is well designed and works really well 
  • Price versus value is outstanding in comparison to other models 
  • Speakers are capable of handling pretty decent volume 


  • Some have experienced wobble in the platter portion of the turntable 
  • White models show dirt and damage easily 
  • Speakers are not great at low volume levels 



If you are not worried about being able to play your streaming music through the speakers and are more concerned with getting the best audio quality, then the model we are looking at may not be the right choice for you. But we have another option that will be a great alternative choice. 

1 by One Belt-Drive Portable Turntable 

This turntable is still crafted with a retro design in cool colors. The material used to create it is lightweight, and it is a suitcase-like design, which makes it super portable. The core of the unit is made with wood and finished with leather for a slick look. 

The internal speakers that come with this turntable surpass most of the other models in this price range. It is also fitted with an RCA out jack so you can hook it up to external sound systems. This, in our minds, elevates it above the model we have been looking at in the sound quality area. Plus, the portability is better than the Victrola model. 

Final Thoughts 

The Victrola Modern 50-Watt record player will be a welcomed addition to any new explorer of the wonderful soundscapes of vinyl. Its aesthetic gives it a bright and modern feel that even younger vinyl worshippers will love. 

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