Best Record Players Under $100

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Best Record Players Under $100 – Complete Reviews With Comparisons 

With so many great record players available at decent prices, it might become a time-consuming exercise to find the best option. In this review, we wanted to make it easier for you so you do not have to waste your time going through hundreds of options to make a choice. Take a look at this list below and see which one of these best record players under $100 is the one for you. 

Record Players

Best Record Players Under $100 Reviews 

Vintage Record Player From Wrcibo 

With a beautiful wood finish and a see-through lid included, this record player will easily fit in with a wide variety of decor options. 


With this record player, you get a USB charging option and there is also a power cable included for quick and easy power bank charging. This is a complete music system with two built-in speakers included for a crisp and clear sound output option. 

For protection against damage to your vinyl record, there is also a detachable dust lid included with the record player. You can also easily connect the player with a variety of other devices via the AUX-in jack for much better versatility. Unfortunately, you do not have a wireless connection option included with this record player from Wrcibo. 


  • Easy USB charging option for convenience 
  • Comes with stereo speakers 
  • Cover included for extra protection 
  • Compatible with a variety of other devices 


  • No wireless connection option included 
  • No auto-stop feature included 


Vinyl Record Player By Danfi Audio DF 

With a strong and sturdy design, this record player from Danfi Audio will provide many hours of great music. 


You can easily and quickly connect with your mobile devices via the Bluetooth wireless connection option that is included with this record player. Record your vinyl to MP3 via the USB recording and converting option to easily store it in digital format for safety. 

The auto-stop function will help protect your records from becoming scratched after the playing has stopped. Also included with this record player is a handy FM stereo radio receiver to further enhance the overall user experience. 

Unfortunately, this record player from Danfi Audio does not support all music formats, which takes away some of the versatility. 


  • Wireless connection option included 
  • Comes with an FM radio 
  • Very easy to assemble and operate 
  • Durable construction is strong and hardy 


  • Does not support the NTFS file format 
  • Can only play 7″ records with the cover closed 


Victrola 50’s Retro Bluetooth Record Player 

Many people will love the retro design of this Victrola record play that still offers modern high-tech features all in one package. 


The wireless range of this record player is 33 feet and provides a secure connection option. With the backlit radio tuner included, it will be easy to select your favorite station from a very clear and easy-to-read display. 

A headphone jack is included with this record player to provide you with that private music experience without any interruption. You also have a built-in CD player included with this player from Victrola to widen your music database even further. However, the 1950s design is not everybody’s favorite style, so it may not be the right choice for some people out there. 


  • Backlit FM radio tuner included 
  • Long-range wireless streaming included 
  • 3-speed turntable for a variety of record sizes 
  • Headphone jack included for a private listening experience


  • A bit on the heavy side 
  • Not everybody likes the 1950s style 


Aetkfo Record Player From Fochea 

With a nice suitcase design, you will be able to use this record player easily as a portable music system that you can take with you. 


The case of this turntable is made from strong and durable PU leather, which helps it last for a very long time. You also have an easy-to-grab handle included on the case for a quick and easy carrying option to improve overall portability. 

The turntable comes with a spring-loaded capability and provides you with smooth turning for a quiet and reliable music listening option. It is also compatible with most popular mobile devices for a quick and easy wireless connection option for your convenience. The power cord of this record player is a bit on the short side, so it needs to be close to a power outlet. 


  • Strong handle included for easy grab and go 
  • Compatible with a wide range of wireless devices 
  • Very strong PU leather case 
  • Turntable turns smoothly and easily 


  • Power cord is a bit short 
  • No FM radio included 


Digitnow Suitcase Record Player 

For portability, this is the ideal vinyl record player to have at your disposal, and it has some great features included with it. 


With the strong and durable construction of this suitcase format record player, it will last for a long time. It is easy to assemble and the operation of the player does not have a steep learning curve for you to master it. 

You have all the basic wired and wireless connection options at your disposal with this record player to make your music listening much easier. With this turntable from Digitnow, you also have the option to convert music to an MP3 format and store it on a USB stick. However, it is only available in orange and white colors, which limits your range of choices. 


  • Strong and durable construction 
  • Easy and quick to assemble 
  • Comes with a strong ergonomic handle 


  • Only available in 2 colors 
  • Can not play larger vinyl with the lid closed 



The best option among these players is the Victrola ’50s retro record player that comes with many modern features. This player will make your music listening experience much more fun and productive. 

In the number two spot, we have the Aetkfo suitcase record player that comes with many great features and a nice quality sound output. This one is great for those who do not like the ’50s design style but still want functionality. 

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