Best Ethernet Cables for PS4 of 2021: Our Top Picks

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PlayStation has been in the game (pun intended) for a very long time, and the PS4 is arguably the most popular console that they’ve ever released. It features a variety of graphical and performance improvements in comparison to the PS3, which was also one of their most successful consoles.

One of the most crucial components of any gaming setup, PS4 or otherwise, is a quick and reliable connection to the internet. One of the best ways to achieve this is by connecting your PS4 to your router using an Ethernet cable, but because there are so many variants out there, choosing the right one can be a challenge.

We’ve put together this quick list of some of the best Ethernet cables for PS4. Read on for the full reviews.

Comparison Chart

DanYee Cat 7 High-Speed Ethernet Cable
Best Choice
41MkrjB5HbL. SL160
UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
Best Price
414Wm1489pL. SL160
GLANICS Cat 8 High-Speed Ethernet Cable
Best Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Best Ethernet Cables for PS4 Reviews

DanYee Cat 7 High-Speed Ethernet Cable

We’re starting off with a very affordable option that is perfect for gamers on a budget. This high-speed, Cat 7 Ethernet cable provides an ultra-fast connection to the internet to ensure that your latency is as low as possible, which is crucial when playing fast-paced, competitive online multiplayer games.


The DanYee Cat 7 Ethernet cable is a very high-speed Ethernet cable, which makes it ideal for gaming on the PS4. It can support a bandwidth of up to 600MHz and is capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to a whopping 10GB/s. That’s more than fast enough to give you the edge in any competitive multiplayer game, like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

It can connect to WAN and LAN segments and networking gear with ease, and it operates at very fast speeds. It is also a very reliable Ethernet cable, allowing you to game for hours on end without interruptions.

If you have streaming apps on your PS4, you can watch your favorite shows and movies all from one console. Because this Ethernet cable operates at such high speeds, you’ll be able to binge all of your favorite HD content without any hanging or buffering.

It comes with an RJ45 universal connector that provides you with universal connectivity, so you can connect to your PS4, as well as your PC, laptop, Smart TV, and any other gaming consoles you may have. This is great for anyone who wants a general, all-purpose Ethernet cable with compatibility for the PS4.


  • Extremely quick bandwidth speeds
  • Very affordable
  • Provides reliable internet
  • Universal connectivity
  • Easy to identify & organize


  • May have trouble securing in port


GLANICS Cat 8 High-Speed Ethernet Cable


This is a much less affordable option in comparison to the previous Ethernet cable, but if you are someone who wants to be able to extend their Ethernet cable very far from your network component, then this one is ideal. It is 100 feet long, so you can extend it great distances while still experiencing the benefits of a wired internet connection.


This Ethernet cable from GLANICS features 24-carat gold-plated contact, which makes the reaction to data transmission more sensitive and thus more responsive. The cable can transmit data at speeds of up to 40GB/s, which is more than enough to give you the edge in all of your competitive multiplayer games.

This is a Cat 8 cable, which is one of the quickest Ethernet cables out there. It is made from 100% bare copper wire, and the casing is made from PVC and insulation material. Each twisted pair has been shielded individually with aluminum foil, and there is an overall tinned copper braid shielding.

This protects all of the conductors using just one jacket, making it far more durable than many other RJ45 Ethernet cables on the market. It is perfect for anyone who wants an Ethernet cable that can withstand a bit of abuse. One of the great things about this cable is that it is universally compatible, so you don’t have to use it with just your PS4. You can use it with any other devices you own that have an Ethernet port.


  • Very fast internet speeds
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Sturdy shielding can withstand wear & tear
  • Prevents interference
  • Universally compatible


  • Longer cables may suffer from slower internet speeds


HQGC Cat 7 Ethernet Cable


Here we have another very long Ethernet cable, though this one is quite a bit more affordable than the previous cable on this list. It also comes in a shocking blue color, which makes it easy to identify amongst the plethora of other cables you may have in your home. This makes organization delightfully simple.


This wiring inside of this Ethernet cable is made from 100% pure copper and features four shielded twisted pairs with two gold-plated RJ45 connectors on each end. Thanks to the premium quality materials that make up this cable, it is capable of mitigating interference and crosstalk far better than many other cables on the market.

This Cat 7 Ethernet cable can transmit data at speeds of up to 10GB/s and has a high bandwidth speed of 600MHz. This guarantees that you are receiving high-speed data transfers, making HD streaming and online gaming very smooth and seamless. It is also ideal for server applications, video surveillance, and cloud computing.

It is universally compatible, so you can use it not only on your PS4 but on any other device that has an Ethernet port available. This makes it quite versatile. The HQGC Ethernet cable also saves you space, thanks to the 20 cable clips that are included to allow you to clip the cable if you don’t need the entire length.

It can be lined up against the wall with ease, making it very discrete and unobtrusive, which is also perfect for keeping your gaming setup neat and tidy.


  • Wiring made from pure, oxygen-free copper
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Bundled with 20 cable clips
  • Easy to organize


  • Only one length to choose from


UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable


Stepping away from the extra-long Ethernet cable for a second, we have this relatively short option from UGREEN. It comes in a sleek black color with stylish gold-plated connectors at each end, making this a very stylish cable that is capable of adding a futuristic element to any gaming setup. Of course, we wouldn’t include it on this list if it didn’t perform well, too.


With its 10GB/s data transmission speed, this Ethernet cable from UGREEN can provide you with a silky smooth gaming experience that will give you an edge when playing competitive online multiplayer games. It supports a bandwidth of up to 600MHz, so regardless of whether you’re surfing the net, playing video games, or streaming content in HD, it can guarantee that you’re getting a smooth experience.

Thanks to its universal compatibility, this Ethernet cable can plug into all of your devices, including your PS4, to provide it with fast, stable internet connectivity. It’s suitable for your PC, laptop, Smart TV, network printer, and of course, your beloved PS4.

Because this is a flat Ethernet cable, running it along the walls and on the floor is extremely easy to do, and it provides a non-invasive solution to Ethernet connectivity. You can wrap it around corners with ease, and can even run it underneath the carpet to keep it concealed from view if you want.

It provides you with superior protection from noise, crosstalk, and interference to ensure that you can game for long periods without interruption.


  • Flat cable design allows for easy & seamless installation
  • Sleek, black look
  • Works with various devices
  • Protected from interference, crosstalk, & noise
  • Durable design for a longer lifespan


  • May be difficult to connect to some devices


MATEIN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable


Finally, we have this Cat 7 Ethernet cable from MATEIN, which measures in at a versatile 50 feet. That’s long enough to allow you to connect to the furthest devices from your network component without suffering from the decrease in speed that many 100-foot cables do.


This Ethernet cable can transmit data at speeds of up to 10GB/s. If you’re playing many multiplayer games, this is generally the sweet spot, as it gives you the perfect amount of bandwidth to maintain low latency and responsive performance.

It is also great for people who use their PS4s to stream shows and movies, as it allows for HD viewing without buffering and interruptions. The cable is compatible with all manner of devices, as long as they have an Ethernet port on them somewhere.

Like the previous cable on this list, the flat design featured on this product allows you to run it through your home in a way that is seamless and out of sight, while simultaneously allowing you to run it along corners without damaging it. The best part is that the cable comes with 20 clips for free to let you install it anywhere your heart desires.

The 100% bare copper wiring reduces noise and interference to nominal levels, providing smooth internet connectivity.


  • Flexible cable
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Flat design makes installation easy
  • Free cable clips included
  • Can be run under carpet for concealment


  • Must be clipped down to lay flat


Wrapping Up

That concludes our review of some of the best Ethernet cables out there for your PS4. We sincerely hope that this article has been helpful and that you’ll be confident in your next purchase. Happy gaming!

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