Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox One to Purchase in 2021

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Today’s modern gaming world is primarily founded in the online world. Multiplayer games require you to have a stable and fast internet connection so that you can keep up and play online with and against your friends. Even single-player games need an internet connection so that you can store all your progress on the cloud and keep your game up to date.

Thus, you’ll need the means to connect yourself to the network to access the internet. Most of the time, people use WiFi, as it’s painless and easy to connect to. However, Ethernet cables are better for a more reliable connection that won’t be subject to weaker signals because of factors like distance. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the options for the best Ethernet cable for Xbox One.

Comparison Chart

41+ErtWd7ML. SL160
Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet Cable
Best Choice
41ILd0zINgL. SL160
Jexon Cables Direct Online Ethernet Cable
Best Price
Smolink Cat 8 Shielded High-Speed Ethernet Cable
Best Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox One Reviews

Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet Cable


Our first entry for review is the Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet cable. This high-speed, reliable Ethernet cable makes the perfect first item to review to set a benchmark of comparison for the rest.


Considering the features and designs, we can see that this Ethernet cable is relatively standard. As a Cat7 cable, it can support bandwidths of up to 1000 MHz and transmit data at a speed of up to 10 Gbps via LAN/WAN. It has the standard two RJ45 connectors on each end, which, when compared to Cat6 cables, have additional protection and shielding with improved quality in the four pairs of two twisted wires wrapped in aluminum foil inside.

This makes tampering with crosstalk, noise, and other interferences more difficult because the signal quality remains quite strong throughout the cable, so it remains stable and reliable. The cable has an oxygen-free copper core, which is highly resistant and highly conductive.

The cable itself is also relatively flat, only measuring 0.27 inches by 0.07 inches. This means it is relatively easy to lay and hide, as it is almost flush with the floor and walls. It also comes in various lengths, ranging from 3 feet to 33 feet long, and it can be black or white in color. The covering is PVC, so it’s quite durable and resistant to wear.

As for desired features, it would have been nice to see a wider variety in size and color. When it comes to gaming, for most people, their console will be in the living room or the lounge with the television, so options for added length would have been a massive boon to ensure that you could position your console better. Also, more color options would mean that you would be able to easily spot the Ethernet cable amongst the mess of console and television cables.


  • Fast connection speeds
  • Durable PVC casing
  • Flat cables make for more comfortable laying that is unobtrusive
  • Almost no possibility for interference – very reliable


  • Cables aren’t quite long enough to be suitable for lounge console use
  • Only two colors – no variety


Jexon Cables Direct Online Ethernet Cable


Coming from Jexon, we have a more traditional Cat5e cable. These cables are still great for use with the Xbox, but let’s see how they compare to the other items on this list.


The biggest draw to this Ethernet cable is the sheer size. The standard cable variety is 100 feet long, which is typically enough to go anywhere – not counting twisted layouts without many doorways. If you have a big house with the capacity to run cables along walls or through the roof, then this might be just the cable you need. It is only a Cat5e cable, which isn’t exactly on par with Cat7 and above, despite what others may tell you.

However, the praises stop there. This cable is rather low quality, which is reflected in the cheaper than average price. The coating around the cable that is meant to insulate and protect is inferior and will wear down very quickly when facing slight damage.

The cable itself is also thinner than the average Cat5e cable, which means that the wires inside are also relatively thin. This makes for an unreliable connection that is easily subjected to interference, especially since it is rounded and flat, which is better for both laying the cable and reducing the potential for interference.

This leaves much to be desired for an Ethernet cable that is supposed to be used for a gaming console. When you play games, especially online, you need a reliable and fast connection, as well as a durable cable to withstand the wear and tear that may come with someone who might move their console around. This cable is not recommended.


  • Very long cable – 100 feet
  • Easy to lay out
  • Plenty of distance for wiring the whole house
  • Great for use with Xbox


  • Thinner wires are not suitable for stability
  • Round cables aren’t as efficient as flat cables
  • Poor quality materials



Now that we’ve had both Cat7 and Cat5e, we can move on to the Cat8, a high-speed variant ideal for gamers who want the best connections with minimal lag.


As a Cat8 cable, this Ethernet cable can support bandwidth speeds of up to 2000 MHz and data transmission speeds of up to 40 Gbps. Thus, you can understand why they are so highly desired by gamers who want the best connection possible so that they suffer less from lag spikes and packet loss. This particular Ethernet cable from Smolink is designed to be used in essentially any network device, including gaming consoles.

It’s also highly compatible, supporting all Ethernet types from Cat5 and Cat5e to Cat7, Cat6, and Cat6e. Using 100% oxygen-free copper wires twisted in four pairs of 100% 26WAG pure STP wires, you can be assured of a quality connection that minimizes the potential for interference to the best of its ability.

The other design specifics show off how durable and firm the insulation and protection coating is. Shielded with a high-quality PVC jacket that is UV-resistant, this cable is durable enough to run outside along a wall if need be and to withstand extreme cold, heat, and humid climates. It comes in lengths ranging from 3 feet to 100 feet. The company even offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the strength and use of these Ethernet cables.

The only real gripe we have with these cables is the lack of color variety, so color-coding is more of a hassle. Color coding is essential for areas where there are already many cables involved, such as a TV room where a console might be kept or a bedroom with a computer.

Rounded cables are also less efficient than flat ones because they don’t become flush with the floor and walls and are a lot more noticeable, which may not be a problem for some.

Overall, this cable is probably the best choice to pick from on this list if you don’t mind paying a few dollars extra.


  • Great lengths from 3 feet to 100 feet
  • Reliable high-speed connections
  • Durable materials and manufacturing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Pricier compared to other Ethernet cables
  • Rounded instead of flat


Ultra Clarity Cables Cat6 Ethernet Cable


While it may not be as fast and reliable as Cat8 or Cat7, Cat 6 is by no means a bad option for an Ethernet cable for your gaming console. However, it’s not just the type of cable that can make or break a deal.


Designed for performance over anything, this Cat6 Ethernet cable from Ultra Clarity Cables may be a great budget alternative to the Smolink mentioned above. Able to support a bandwidth of up to 500 MHz and internet connections up to 10GBASE-T, this is an excellent alternative for gaming consoles and any other devices you might have on your network.

It is made with eight solid copper wires that are twisted into four pairs of UTP wires, each kept separate by a PE cross. This cable is excellent for maintaining reliable connections and speeds thanks to the 5.8mm PVC jacket and crosses inside.

This cable is also highly flexible and can take a lot of punishment. By no means can it withstand the elements like the Smolink, but it can take the strain of being moved around corners a bit. If you aren’t convinced, you’ll have a 1-year warranty, and should it break or be defective, you can get yourself a free replacement!

Our only gripes are the rounded cables and the lack of color. Without the ability to color code, a router can become incredibly confusing to read, and as we’ve discussed before, a flat cable is more efficient.


  • Cat6 is the sweet spot after Cat5, where the cables become perfect for gaming
  • Highly flexible and durable cables
  • Little chance of interference
  • Year-long warranty


  • Rounded cables
  • No color variety


DEEGO Cat7 Ethernet Cable


Our final entry for the list is another Cat7 type of Ethernet cable, and this one is built for easy installation, too!


The DEEGO Cat7 Ethernet cable is a high-speed cable that supports a bandwidth of up to 600 MHz and data transfer speeds of 10-Gigabit Ethernet. This is ample momentum for a gamer to enjoy their competitive games without worrying about lag of any kind.

One of the better aspects is the four twisted pairs of STP wires that are inside, shielded by durable PVC. It has excellent resistance to crosstalk and interference, and it has that flat-shaped design that we all love. This means that it’s easy to hide and lay thanks to the fact that it can lie flush with the wall and floor. It even comes with cable clips for your convenience!

The cables only come in two colors, however, as well as only one size. The size is a more significant issue, as 50 feet can easily be too long or too short for different environments.


  • High speeds and bandwidth support
  • Durable and tear-resistant
  • Flat shape
  • Comes with a bag of cable clips


  • Only comes in one size which is inconvenient
  • Two colors



To conclude, we’d like to make some recommendations. The Smolink is the most recommended, as it has the best potential for speed and reliability. As a budget option, the Ultra Clarity Cables can fulfill the same role, if only as a bit more of a downgrade.

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