5 Best Record Player With Speakers

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5 Best Portable Record Player – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Vinyl record players come in many different packages with a variety of shapes and colors to choose from. This is the reason you would want one that is portable enough to take it with you wherever you may want to go.

5 Best Record Player With Speakers

Take a look at the list of the best portable record players we have compiled in this review to make it easier for you to choose. So, without further ado, let’s jump in and read to see what these best portable record players have to offer.

Portable Record Player Reviews

Vintage Style Portable Record Player From Popsky

ir?t=electronicinkblog 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07GRSD5VJThis record player provided by Popsky looks and feels vintage, but it comes loaded with new technology to give you the best of the old and the new.


With the direct encoding from vinyl to MP3 or WAV recording, you can easily transfer all of your vinyl records to digital format. You just need to insert the USB stick and record; you do not need any software for the digital conversion.

You also have up to three different playback speeds to easily play 7, 10, as well as 12-inch vinyl records. There is also a 45mm converter included for easy playing of all of your mediums without the need to set it up.

With a handy suitcase design, you can easily carry it with you wherever you go to make it a truly portable unit. This also means that you can store it quickly and easily in a small space when it is not in use.

It also comes with a nice wooden finish to display well and provide you with that retro look and feel. At the same time, it is made with strong construction to improve the overall durability to provide you many hours of happy music listening.

Even though it comes with a nice design, some would have loved this portable record player in a different color.


  • It is made with a durable construction
  • The player is well-designed with a nice wooden finish
  • 3 speeds to choose from
  • Easy recording option included


  • There are no other colors available
  • Comes with a single record playing option only


Portable Record Player From Wockoder

For those people who need to have a vinyl record player to take with them, this is a good choice to listen to music wherever you go.


Easily play a variety of music formats when you run out of vinyl records by simply connecting to a smartphone. This is possible because of the easy wireless connection option to connect to different devices easily, so it will not hold you back.

When you buy this record player from Wockoder, you will find that it is easy to assemble this unit in a very short time. You will be ready to play your music without wasting time with unclear user manuals and difficult to install components.

This record player gives you the best of both worlds with the beautiful vintage design and the nice high-tech features included. This will just further enhance your music listening experience as well as improve the overall fun factor of your record player.

With a vibration-less drive belt on the motor of your record player, you will be able to listen to smooth and quiet playing. This is even further enhanced with the soft-drop arm that is included with your record player. Unfortunately, there is no conversion option for your music to digital format.


  • Comes with a nice sturdy design
  • Very easy to assemble and operate
  • It includes a soft-drop arm
  • The is a multi-purpose music player


  • There is no vinyl to MP3 conversion option
  • Built-in speaker does not have a good sound output


Vinyl Poertable Record Player From Byron Statics

Ease of use and portability are great features that can be included with your record player for all the retro music you have.


With the lightweight and compact design of this record player, it will be easy to use as a portable music playing unit. It also comes with a comfortable carrying handle with a nice ergonomic grip to further enhance the record player’s portability.

The turntable of this vinyl record player runs very fast while it is operating for a smooth and easy music listening experience. The arm also comes with a soft-drop option, so it will not drop down hard on your vinyl records.

It is compatible with all sizes of vinyl records thanks to the three-speed playing option that is included with the record player. So all your retro music can be played on this player to provide you with uninterrupted vibes.

The nice sound output you have with the player comes from a decent set of built-in speakers for a crisp, clear sound option. It can further be enhanced with the option to add more speakers for better sound output with the RCA and 3.5mm speaker jack included.

However, with this vinyl record player, you do not have any wireless connection option to further improve the portability of the unit.


  • It has a compact and lightweight design
  • Completely flat rotating turntable
  • An extra needle is included with the record player
  • Build-in speakers have a nice, clear sound output


  • You do not have a wireless connection option
  • The case is made from plastic materials


Bluetooth Vinyl Portable Record Player From Udreamer

With the beautiful wood finish, this turntable will take you back with your classic records to the very beginning.


The wireless connection option included with the record player will easily and very quickly transform your unit into a Bluetooth speaker. This wireless connection option comes with a wide 30-foot connectivity option for much better versatility and mobility range.

It is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices to improve the overall usability of your vinyl record player. This simply means that you can play music from many different devices when you run out of vinyl records to play.

The dual power connection option makes it easy to use the player with a 110v as well a with a 220v wall power outlet. This feature makes it possible to use it everywhere you may go and adds to the portability of this vinyl record player.

With the auto-stop feature included, the turntable will automatically stop the record when it comes to the end of the last song. With this option turned to the on position, it will help to protect your vinyl records from becoming scratched and damaged.

Unfortunately, this record player does not come with a lid to protect your vinyl records from dust or the player while you are traveling. It also does not have a slipmat included to keep it sturdy in one place.


  • Comes with an auto-off switch
  • Easily connects to your smartphone
  • It comes with a dual power supply option
  • Very easy plug-in and play record player


  • There is no slip mat included
  • It does not come with a dustproof cover


Vintage Portable Record Player From SeeYing

This vinyl record player is the complete package with a radio FM player included with it to further extend your listening experience. The fact that it is made with a very portable and compact design makes it ideal for traveling music lovers out there.


With a 45mm converter included as well as a three-speed playback option, you can play all the different vinyl records out there. This makes the player quite versatile as well as improve the overall functionality of the turntable.

With the Bluetooth input option added to the player, you can connect with most mobile devices for a wide range of playing options. This will help for those days you run out of vinyl to listen to, so you can keep your music coming from other sources.

With very nice built-in speakers included with this player, you do not need to depend on external output for your music. This excellent addition further improves this vinyl record player’s overall portability, so you can play your music wherever you go.

For the home base, you have the option to enhance the sound output with easy RCA connectors that are included with your player. Just plug those speakers in and you have the ability to provide nostalgic and retro music for the whole neighborhood.

Unfortunately, it is not available in more than just one color, taking away some of the overall aesthetics.


  • Comes with a Bluetooth input option
  • You get a stereo FM radio included
  • Two nice speakers added for better sound output
  • RCA output option for external speaker output


  • It is only available in the one color
  • No USB playback option included



This lineup’s definitive winner is the Popsky record player, with superior features included to make your music life much more fun. It also comes with the option to keep your music safe thanks to the MP3 conversion option included.

The number two option is the very functional record player provided by SeeYing which comes with many quality features. This record play also comes with a nice and handy FM radio to further extend your listening experience.

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